DNA – 15 Artists Address Identity Until May 25th

DNA, the Gallery 44 Members Exhibition at Gallery 1313 continues until Sunday, May 25th. Two of the photographic artists in the exhibition address current identity by looking at the past, combining digital and chemical methods in the process.

From Family Album by Sandy Middleton, part of Group 2's Exhibition in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Show in Scotiabank Contact Photography Month

From Family Album by Sandy Middleton

Sandy Middleton’s Family Album is a personal journey in art making with a visit to the past through old family photos and memorabilia. She was inspired by a rich family history; one that will soon die out, and she wanted to remember that history by reimagining these images.

Her large 15×30 pieces are comprised from vintage family photographs combined with contemporary landscapes from her own work. The prints were made digitally, direct to plywood and are then painted with encaustic medium. Encaustic painting in the oldest and most archival form of painting that uses beeswax and resin crystals to harden the wax. It is painted on in a molten state and dries quickly.

Paula Grgurich Shewchuk "Selfie" in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Show at Gallery 1313, part of Scotiabank Contact Photography Month

Paula Grgurich Shewchuk “Selfie”

Paula Grgurich Shewchuk continues, in DNA, to explore her varied auto/biographies, trying on
personae and discarding selves in the on-going process of individuation. In her new
work for DNA, she has returned to the self-portrait work she began as a teenager and
that has been a touchstone throughout her career, an exploration she finds more difficult to take as she grows older. This series was taken on her iphone 4 to explore the idea of ‘selfie’, the ubiquitous
self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera
phone held at arm’s length or in a mirror.

Gallery 1313 is open Sundays, but closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Hours are 1 pm to 6 pm, and Gallery 1313 is located at 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto.

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