L. E. Glazer

L. E. Glazer's Purgatorio Diptych is part of the Group I Exhibition in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2014

L. E. Glazer’s Purgatorio Diptych is part of the Group I Exhibition in DNA

It is Glazer’s belief that the creative process is multidisciplinary. Architectural concepts and academic theory of are valid considerations in the exploration of painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. Within this framework, Glazer’s current area of interest involves the deconstruction of the photographic image.  Through process, recognizable images are abstracted and in turn imbued with new characteristics provoking unanticipated narratives and meaning. The resultant compositions are closer to the painted image than traditional representational photography.

The genesis of the Purgatorio Diptych was a study of Third World construction sites. In the evolution of the images, a deconstructive compositional process was used to accentuate the raw nature and danger of the original subject matter. The completed images accentuated a venture fraught with physical risk and implied allusions to Dante’s Divine Comedy.

L. E. Glazer is an award winning Toronto-based Architect, Photographer and Artist. Following the completion of formal training in 1979, he has focused on creating works that challenge viewer preconceptions and expectations.

Subject matter has been eclectic, with an attraction to the built forms and patterns rooted in his Architectural background. As Glazer’s images explore the deeper significance of contextual reference, his deconstruction of recorded moments provokes viewers to contemplate multiple realities. While Glazer objectively records moments in time, his exploration of composition, form, and process, provides viewers with opportunities for subjective reflection on their own world.  It is this dichotomy that provides the richness and cinematic quality to Glazer’s work.

In 2013 L. E. Glazer’s work was awarded Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artist’s 140th Open Juried Exhibition.  His work can be found in institutional and private collections across North America.

Contact: lglazer@leglazer.com

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