Arthur Poirier

Arthur Poirier's Moraine Morning can be seen in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members Show at Gallery 1313 during Scotiabank Contact Photography Month 2014

Arthur Poirier’s Moraine Morning can be seen in DNA

Arthur Poirier has been photographing enthusiastically since his early twenties. That was a mere forty years ago. The landscapes of Europe have been captured and recaptured, as well as most provinces and northern states, especially ones with mountain peaks and summer skies, probably because of a need to express his western Canadian heritage. His cityscapes are now gaining attention, including Getty Images who selected his perspective of Toronto City Hall. Other world cities are also receiving the same devotion and visibility for Contact 2014.

Arthur’s work has certainly been influenced by the copy writers and art directors he managed with advertising agencies and multinationals. Especially the graphic elements. These associations have given him the skills to showcase subjects, making each one a hero. Arthur’s love of cycling often takes him to photogenic destinations


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