Christine Marshall-Smith

Christine Marshall-Smith's The Levant is part of DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313 during Scotiabank Contact Photography 2014

Christine Marshall-Smith’s The Levant is part of DNA

The ‘Levant Montage’ is created from a discovery of hand painted postcards and photographs with inscriptions from the Middle East. The bringing together of script and visual material is one way of illuminating a history, a place or a people from another age.

Christine Marshall-Smith is drawn to artifacts as evidence of history and human experience. In her practice, photographs engage with both objects and places, and give recognition to their existence. Marshall-Smith seeks to create a photographic testament to the remains of both the past and present, as well as miscellanies of other civilizations.  Marshall-Smith holds a BFA from Ryerson University.  She has worked in medical and editorial/advertising photography both in Canada and the UK.  In addition to publication in various medical journals, print media and fine art publications, her work resides in the collection of the City of Toronto Archives.  She exhibits regularly in various venues in Canada.


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