Linda Briskin

Linda-Briskin's Dance of Three Movements is part of DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition in Scotiabank Contact Photography 2014

Linda-Briskin’s Dance of Three Movements is part of DNA

In Dance in Three Movements, the inversion of dancing figures suggests an ethereal and whimisical alternative space. A dancer’s foot, the turn of an arm, the tapping of a toe, the swirl of skirts are made exotic. Two banners stretch across a wall capturing moments of movement and stillness as the dancers travel across space. This series highlights the capacity of  photography both to create alternative realities, and to capture movement.

The series also speaks to the 2014 Contact theme of Identity, and the 1313 theme of DNA(do not assume). The technique of inversion evokes multiple personas and alter-egos, and reminds the viewer of the shifting and unstable identities which characterize contemporary life.

Linda Briskin has ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms, what she calls ‘photoglossia’. Light, lines, shadows, and the play of figure-ground; the juxtaposition of objects and reflections; the ambiguities in what we choose to see; the permeability between the remembered and the imagined; and alternative digital colourscapes which remind us that landscape is invented through our gaze.

** Photoglossia is a play on the term heteroglossia which speaks to a diversity of voices, styles of discourse, or points of view in a literary work.

Linda Briskin lives in Toronto and has been taking photographs for years. In recent years, she has had the following solo shows: “An Hour from the City” (2007), “Counterpoint” (2009), Ode to Julia Margaret Cameron (2009), Photoglossia (2010), and Found Image/Constructed Image (2012), and a forthcoming show Liminal Animism in June 2014. She has also participated in numerous group shows.


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