Lisa Murzin

Lisa Murzin's #1 is part of Exhibition I in  DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2014

Lisa Murzin’s #1 is part of Exhibition I in DNA

Lisa Murzin has always loved black and white. That’s the bottom line.

With a holistic approach, she embraces tomorrow’s technology to tell yesterday’s stories, and is yet to see a digital negative that can duplicate film. Nostalgia is her life force. The dark room is her space.

Film, chemistry, paper – factor in all those things and life slows down. Something happens in this rhythm that nurtures her spiritual existence in a pixelated universe. The viewer doesn’t know what she’s thinking, but Murzin’s pictures hold these thoughts.

A teenage love for photographic arts was consummated in 2001 with a certificate in photography from Ryerson University. Since her debut in the 2005 Ryerson Con-Ed photography show, Murzin’s visual aspirations matured and materialized annually in various exhibitions. The 2009 Willisville Mountain Project, and the 2012 Kirkland Lake Contemporary Art Exhibition were among many collaborations with Ontario and international artists forging colorful directions for Murzin’s photography, including film, animation and performing arts.

This year’s Contact is her third appearance with the show. Murzin continues her experimentation with alternative analogue processes, and is excited to combine early studies in black and white processing with the future of digital negatives. Day-to-day, Murzin Photography helps clients brand their portfolios and products.


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