Margarita Macdonald

Margarita MacDonald - Extraction 3 is part of Group I's Exhibition in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2014

Margarita MacDonald – Extraction 3 is part of Group I’s Exhibition in DNA

Margarita Macdonald is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. She was born in El Paso Texas, lived in Juarez Mexico and now resides in Canada. She completed her MFA at York University and a BFA from the University of Toronto and Sheridan Institute of Technology. She is a founding member of W5 Art Collective.

The Collective was formed in 2011; they have facilitated workshops with community groups in and around Toronto. She was one of two photographer to work with seniors to produce “Reinventing the Self I” Contact 2012, “Reinventing the Self 2” in 2013. Macdonald’s photographers were published in Public 45, Art/ Culture/Ideas, CIVIC SPECTACLE. That same year she was awarded a presidential scholarship from Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado and also attended the residency “Renouncing the Art Object” at Gibraltar Point Toronto.

Most recently her work was exhibited in Gallery 1313 called Liminality-“In Between” in 2013 and the Women’s Resource Art Center titled Tracings- “In Between 2” in Toronto 2014. In both exhibitions she used multiple art processes: photography, print media and sculpture.

For the past eight years Macdonald has investigated the relationship between identity, memory, migration, landscape, and social political issues. She is a conceptual artist. Her work attempts to promote, generate, examine and develop, provocative discourse about these themes.


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