Misbah Ali

Misbah Ali's Multiple Identities I is part of the Group 1 Exhibition in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2014

Misbah Ali’s Multiple Identities I is part of the Group 1 Exhibition in DNA

Misbah Ali is an enthusiastic photographer who loves the process of capturing light and producing images that are both evocative and documentary.

She is inspired by her surroundings, both people and landscapes. Her images tend to have a central figure conveying a message, depicting an event or portraying an emotion. She aims to draw a fragment of the whole from the tumult of a public place, drawing the viewer into it.

Misbah has taken photography courses at Sheridan College and attended workshops at Gallery 44 to gain meaningful insights to the craft. Her photographic journey continues in the realm of analog photography and she has been experimenting with developing and printing her images. For Contact 2013 she explored the relationships between light and shadows, and projected them into her photographic vision.  For Contact 2014 she plans to depict diversity as an identity of her surroundings through analog photography.

In this exhibit she has drawn from our immense diversity and how that defines us as Canadians. Our cities are a giant pot of nationalities and cultures, rendering a rich landscape for any photographer. The diversity of this landscape defines our identity. Her aim is to show how various cultures tie in with Canadian values and norms…. and unite us. Her subjects are mostly visible minorities and her treatment of them is black and white portraits. She has picked the medium of black and white analog photography to portray the essence of this human variety.

Contact: misbahali@gmail.com

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