Sandy Middleton

Sandy Middleton's Family Album #4 is part of the Group II Exhibition in DNA, the Gallery 44 Members' Exhibition at Gallery 1313, part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival for 2014

Sandy Middleton’s Family Album #4 is part of the Group II Exhibition in DNA

Sandy Middleton’s series of images called “Family Album” is a personal journey in art-making with a visit to the past through old family photos and memorabilia, inspired by a rich family history, one that may soon be lost and the need to revive it. It is about the passing of time, living in the present while remembering the past.

“This work came out of my intrigue upon discovering family’s photos once locked away in an attic later discovered upon the death of a family member. In 2011 I started my project using these family photographs together with my contemporary images of random places and landscapes to help  create a story of the past. It is an ongoing project with several installation pieces currently in the works.”

Sandy Middleton is a Canadian photographer and mixed media artist whose practice focuses mainly on art making with an emphasis on travel, street photography and the landscape. Sandy has worked as both a commercial and art photographer for over 20 years, graduating from Ryerson University with a BAA in still photography in 1991 and continuing her education and work in the design field. She works in a variety of mediums from TTV, Polaroid, film, digital and Encaustic painting. Her fine art is in many private collections in Canada and the US including public art purchases by the City of St.Catharines and the University of Guelph. Sandy continues to show her work extensively though galleries and in shows throughout Ontario. In 2001 Sandy relocated from Toronto to St.Catharines after seventeen years where she currently resides. She is an active member of the Niagara arts community and sits on the Culture Committee for the City of St.Catharines as well as a board member and marketing chair for a local theatre company.


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