Timothy Neesam

Timothy Neesam's Bhuddist Monks Bhutan is part of DNA, Gallery 44 Member's Group Exhibition at Gallery 1313 during Scotiabank Contact Photography 2014

Timothy Neesam’s Bhuddist Monks Bhutan

Timothy Neesam’s photography has enjoyed a wide audience through a variety of leading publications ranging from the Toronto Star and Spacing to The Indian Express and Germany’s Geo Magazine.Timothy has also exhibited in the U.K, U.S. and Canada, including the Toronto photography festival Contact since 2003 and has been part of the annual Heritage Toronto project Building Storeys since its inception. Timothy has worked as a producer and director on a wide range of arts and entertainment projects. He is currently photo editor for CBC News.ca.

Around the world, architecture has helped demonstrate our need to develop community through our use of religious buildings. In this collection of images, Timothy Neesam explores the aesthetics of sacred spaces with an eye to the relationship between the individual and the architectural space that person inhabits.

Artist Website

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