Tom Legrady

Tom Legrady's Pillar of Urban Graffiti is part of DNA, the Gallery 44 Members Show at Gallery 1313, part of Scotiabank's Contact Photography 2014

Tom Legrady’s Pillar of Graffiti is part of DNA

Tom Legrady explores visual aspects of the Hidden City—things we ignore or do not notice—including alleys with graffiti and tumble-down garages, construction and demolition sites, and abandoned buildings, as well as everyday objects in plain sight.

As children, we knew every alley, every unofficial route through our neighbourhoods. When we grew up, we ignored a significant portion of our surroundings, focusing instead on completing our current errand. Investigating what is out of sight reveals our past and its secrets.

Transformation connects past, present and future. The worn decor of an out-of-business store reveals vestiges of earlier uses; graffiti re-purposes existing surfaces; bylaws may paint over graffiti, yet leave hints of what is concealed.

In this work, Legrady extends his exploration of interaction between images. Earlier work combined elements in a triptych, but now the art comes off the wall. Viewer interaction is enhanced—one must circumnavigate the work to see all its components, all its interactions.

In an earlier incarnation, Tom Legrady designed and operated theatre lighting for VideoCabaret International and Toronto theatres including Theatre Passe Muraille and Factory Theatre Lab. Returning to the arts from a career in software, he has photographed for Vera Frenkel, Nuit Blanche and Gallery 345. His first exhibit, Transformations: Trona & Toronto, held at Gallery 44’s Members’ Gallery in 2012, contrasted unoccupied residences near Toronto’s High Park with vandalized abandoned homes in California’s Mojave Desert. January, 2014 saw Tagged & Sliced at the Redline Coffee and Espresso Bar, images of graffiti presented as narrow panoramas, some aggregated into triptychs, to alter the viewer relationship with the image. He has also participated in group shows at Gallery 1313, GoodFellas Gallery, Elora Centre for the Arts, ArToronto and the AWOL Square Foot show.

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